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  Lance Cali Classic 125 Toyota Camry
MPG 90 30
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Scooter Maintenance


You can't beat Summer in Chicago on a scooter!

Summer is here and that means our scoots are on the loose. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this season, and we are as committed as ever to making sure your scoot experience is a good one.
Cool off, avoid the traffic, park anywhere, spend your money on fun instead of gas and parking. Go places you haven’t gone. Meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Take a friend, haul some picnic goodies or groceries. Grab an early or late morning cup of coffee. Commute to work. Sightsee. Join a scooter gang. Go to the beach, the ball park, the museum, Michigan Avenue, the Obama Library (ok, in a few years), the National Museum of Mexican Art, the Art Institute, Lincoln Park, Humboldt Park, Garfield Park, Hyde Park, and Chinatown. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish to buy a scooter. Less if you call ahead. What does it cost? The price of the scoot (most are around $2,000, less for a pre-loved one), tax, title and registration, and a small shipping and handling fee. Around $2,500 out the door for a scoot that will go 55 mph, get 80 mpg, and has a two-year bumper to bumper parts and labor warranty. Already have a scooter? We will fix it for you, maintain it for you, store it for you, and accessorize it for you. Throw on new tires, clean the carb, install a stereo system, switch a bulb, put on a top case, and change its oil.

If you want to get other opinions on us or the scoots we sell, check out Yelp! here. If you want the low down from the scooter community on Lance and SYM scooters, check out the Just Gotta Scoot website for some honest, unbiased reviews of our scooters, as well as others. All people and scooters are welcome at Second City Scooters and we hope to see you this season!

If you are looking for service please reference the "Service" section of the site. Oil Changes do not require an appointment, you just have to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing time; all other service requires appointments. If you have purchased a scooter from us be sure to call to schedule maintenance as we have reserved hours for customers that have LANCE/SYM scooters. If you need to pick up your scooter from storage please give us at least a 48hr heads up.

See you this Summer!

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This is the best place in Chicago to get a scooter ... period. —Lathan M.

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