Current Average Gas Price
  Lance Cali Classic 125 Toyota Camry
MPG 90 30
Filler'up Price $ $

Scooter Maintenance

Make a service appointment to ensure your scooter remains running smooth.

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Scooter Maintenance

Winter Sale!

Here is an idea. Buy your scooter now, in the dead of winter, save up to 20%, and we will store it for you for free until spring at no charge.
Here is another idea. Put a scooter on layaway, and we will store it for you for free until you are ready to pick it up.
More ideas: Did you know that winter is the best time to have work done on your scoot? Between December and March, we aren't crazy busy, so we can get your scoot running in plenty of time for spring. So bring in your scoot now and be ready for the warmer weather.

We have several new models for 2019. The new SYM Mio 50cc that is fuel injected and requires no special motorcycle endorsement to drive. The new Lance Italia 150cc that looks like it came from the cobblestone streets of Rome. And the big boy SYM Wolf CR300i motorcycle for those of you who enjoy shifting and always being first in line.

All of our new scoots come with a two-year-unlimited-miles parts and labor warranty. We have 11 different models to choose from ranging in size from 50cc to 300cc.
We also have used scoots, so if you don't mind a few nicks and scratches as long as the scoot is sound, come and check out our always evolving used inventory.

We have instant financing, can title and register your scoot on the spot, and are happy to make recommendations regarding insurance, storage, and rules & regulations for worry-free scooting.

If you want to get other opinions on us or the scoots we sell, check out Yelp! , Google Reviews or Facebook reviews. If you want the low down from the scooter community on Lance and SYM scooters, check out the Just Gotta Scoot website for some honest, unbiased reviews of our scooters, as well as others. All people and scooters are welcome at Second City Scooters and you can keep up with us on social media at: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter .

Let's hope for a short Winter!

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Scooter Enhancements

Want your scooter to pack more zip? Call today to make a performance enhancement service appointment.

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During the Winter months we may close on days of extreme cold or snow. Please call to verify we are in the shop!

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